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Thanks for the update. It sounds like you know what is happening here and understand that I am not "badgering" you for no reason.

Thanks for getting back to be so quickly. Ever since Top Petty died we have had a lot of bad setlists posted for him. Putting down the original date shouldn't have been any real problem, just a mistake, and I now have figured out that you did post a source or comment on the setlist. But in the interim another Moderator must have merged it into the real one. I was notified you provided a source but that vanished when the setlist was merged.
As for the Aerosmith/ZZ Top show the only information I could find was this

It says it was cancelled. Wiki is a good source but not infallible. If you hadn't marked it as attended I would have just deleted it and sent you a note about it. If you can figure out for sure that this show did happen and the date please let me know and mention this on the setlist or another Moderator may delete it. Thanks for clearing this up.

Please provide a source for the ZZ Top/Aerosmith that you claim to have attended or an explanation for it by clicking on my name and posting on my page. This is the second cancelled show you have claimed to have attended. I am starting to think that unless you answer me soon that you will be blocked from using this website.

To the best of my knowledge Mick Jones WAS there????

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