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Please don't report venues for merging just because one setlist has the "wrong" venue listed. You can change the venue on the setlist yourself if you provide a source.

thanks for the comment. I have asked moderators to merge the setlist to the correct date.

As I myself have already made several typing and date errors I can give you a tip how to get it corrected by yourself in future:
Directly below the setlist is a small link: "Report a problem: Report setlist". If you click there you get some selection where you can key in the relevant information and afterwards a moderator will review it an delete or merge the setlist, etc.

Have a nice day!

Hello Roger,
you added this concert:
Any source for this?
According to Stings's webpage the concert happened exactly one year later on March 20th, 1988 as part of the ...nothing like the sun tour ( ).
Aloso policewiki doesn't mention a concert on that date. Sting visited a Crowded House concert in NY two days later, but no concert is mentioned on March 20th.
Best regards,

We use the designated artist "The Wailers Band" for shows after Bob Marley died so I changed it to that. No need to contact me.

I am a major fan of Steely Dan and was wondering if you happen to have a recording of the LA 2009 show that you attended? I have a trade list of 200+ uncirculated SD concert recordings available

We are looking forward to Sting in The Last Ship in SF. Did he sing the songs you list after the end of the play? Thanks!

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