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no problem
I'm also trying to make the best out of this site, although some people have problems with me asking to list the correct venue for 'festival venues'
Some people just don't take criticism, are too lazy to correct something, don't accept rules of the site....
I think you're doing a wonderful job.
wrong venues
Trying to delete these venues tell me The venue is still in use. Please be sure that it doesn't show up in any setlist version or festival.
I have been emptying the venues without any setlist over the last couple of months from 88 pages or so to 33 at the moment. Probably because no other mod cared about this.
Also been asking thousands of users to adapt the venues with festival names to the correct venues, let's say about 1% follows up.

For Pescara Jazz I found out about the 1974 & 1975 editions after you asked for the name changing because I saw a venue had these festivals. But in the meantime I deleted your original mail with the official names per year.

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