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I've decided to merge Festa della Liberazione since in Belgium there's similar things organised all over the country on the same day. In Flanders and Wallonia and Brussels you have this on another day.

Done the corrections for Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo, think all is OK now.
Can you check

I hope all is OK now
maybe I forgot some venues to link to the festival
Also I noticed there were some Unojazz Sanremo at different dates in the same year

Do you think all these
1) Town of Sanremo:
Since 1956 to 1966: “Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo”
1967 – 1976: the Festival was not played
Since 1977 to 1977: “Sanremo jazz in prima esecuzione”
Since 1978 to 1981: “Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo”
Since 1982 to 1982: “Jazzfestival Sanremo '82″
Since 1983 to 1983: “Jazzfestival Sanremo '83″
Since 1984 to 1988: “Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo”
Since 1989 to 1998: “Sanremo Immagine Jazz”
Since 1999 to 1999: “Sanremo Immagine Jazz & Blues”
Since 2000 to 2000: “Sanremo Immagine Jazz”
Since 2001 to 2003: “Sanremo Immagine Jazz & Blues”
Since 2004 to 2004: “Soundz 2004 — Nuovo Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo”
2005: the Festival was not played
Since 2006 to 2006: “Soundz”
Since 2007 to 2007: “Soundz — Sanremo in… Jazz”
Since 2008 to 2008: “Sanremo in… Jazz — Soundz”
Since 2009 to 2009: “Soundz — Sanremo in… Jazz”
Since 2010 to 2011: “Soundz Jazz Festival”
Since 2012 to 2012: “UnoJazz”
2013: the Festival was not played
Since 2014 to 2014: “Bravo Jazz”
Since 2015 to 2017: “UnoJazz Sanremo”
Main Festival: “Festival Internazionale del Jazz di Sanremo”
Should be linked together on the same page but with a different name?
Take a look at the years 2010 - 2017 here

Do you think the three different Il Tenco Ascolta festivals should be merged?

Send an email to the Sports Department in Hasselt to see whether they can give more info about the Sporthalle. (name or location)

Could you verify the Canteuropa festivals to see if I didn't forget anything
Noticed some venues were listed for a festival when there were no concerts listed.

Sports Halle isn't a Dutch name either. I will look into it how the venue in Hasselt might have been called locally.
I'm busy making all 4 different Canteurope festivals which took place all over Europe into one festival.

I don't think there was or is a Sporthalle in Hasselt Belgium (certainly not a Dutch name) so where did you find the info for all those Canteurope Festivals / Tours in 1967?
You really made a mess of those Canteurope festivals over several years.
Are you sure this was a festival and not a tour?

Yes, of course all those type of places are not the same. However we have to go by an identifiable name and if I do a google search and/or look at newspaper clippings and find almost no hits (or in many cases no hits) of the name that you used, then we have to go with the most commonly identifiable name.
Regarding Festivalbar, I agree with you that the dates that are in Wikipedia and such are not entirely correct and that the dates that we should use are the performance dates, not the broadcast dates. That's fine, we can fix all that, however please try to work with the moderators on this, either with me or by leaving the correct dates in the festival thread in the forum. Moderators have the ability to change start and end dates for existing festivals and even change the dates in which an individual venue was part of the festival. I don't mind assisting you with this, that is what I am here for :-)

Please stop creating duplicate Festivalbars in the same year. Give me the correct dates and venues for the different editions and I will merge and fix them.
Also don't move anymore shows from Festivalbar to Antonello Venditti. Let's fix the Festivalbars shows properly instead of changing the artist & date.

Regarding Stadio vs Stadio Comunale, or Stadio vs Campo Sportivo Comunale, etc. I have already gone over this many times, the way the venues are named when you do a Google search matters. If you changed something to "Stadio Comunale <insert name here>" but in the official website, Wikipedia, Google Maps, etc does not have that name, then it goes back to the name found by the search (Usually "Stadio <insert name here>")

Also, please stop changing setlist artists and dates. You don't have to change an artist to Antonello Venditti to get my attention. I can see all your edits regardless. Thanks!

Hi! Regarding Palafiori in Sanremo.
1- Venues should be added to cities, never to neighborhoods or frazioni. Bussana Nuova is a frazione of Sanremo, so adding venues to it is a no no.
2- Venues are allowed to have multiple addresses throughout the years. Unfortunately we currently have no way to distinguish the multiple locations other than having a moderator add a note in the main venue page. I added a note to make this distinction in the Palafiori page.

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