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You still seem to delete message so nobody can verify what you asked or if it has been done. If it has been done incorrectly based on your post nobody can judge if this was done on your wrong assumptions. So please refrain from deleting posts on the forums.

Done. : )

O.K., I will take care of the festival name later today, as it doesn't seem simple issue about festival name.

Hi, Thanks for sharing the source.
For all users, I hope you will add Wikipedia one to each setlist from the next time.
It turned much easier to add same source, than what it was used to be. : )

Hello Savonarolla,
I really appreciate your posts relating Tokyo International Popular Song Festival 1970 -1989.
Why don’t you share your source for these?

Sorry i don't understand wich songs are you refering to?

From the google translation I understand he walked six kilometers. This could be from his home to the theater.
The nearest former mines to Hasselt are all more than 10 kilometers away

You must know setlist uses the local languages for venues. In the Italian article they translated the local name, which you translated into a German version. I have asked local authorities about a Sporthal in the 60s. They don't know anything about such a venue.
And it was full of coalmines in the 60s in the province of Limburg, but not in Hasselt. So it's not even in the city of Hasselt. See - Beringen, Zolder, Genk, Maasmechelen

Did you notice that for several months under every edit comment box, there's a line asking you to justify your edit or upload?
Prepare yourself.

So you wanted me to search all your Sporthalle Hasselt edits to find the source
Again, I have already answered

You created all these at a venue which didn't exist. I've contacted local authorities and no such venue ever existed. So where are your sources to create these?

Since these still have to take place you NEED to use the main artist, list the others as @With in the correct order. Otherwise these will be deleted. Okay?

Where is the source for both
especially older setlists need a source. When using an Unknown Venue these certainly may be considered fake.

Can you tell me a reason why you changed this 5 times ?
First you create the setlist, then add a song, then delete the song, then change the artist, then add a song. All this without listing any source.
All the others were also created without any source and have a song added without any source.

Citing you
.....and also.....
orchestra not only accompanies the singers, but also plays acronyms, intervals, medley, deadlifts, snippets, etc which are often untitled or have unknown titles.
This means it's the main artist :)

In the meantime I received 7 messages from you on my profile page, only three are visible. This is really not amusing you know.

First of all do not spam me by posting message on my profile page and then delete them. I received five messages that posts from you were on my profile page and there's only three visible. Two days ago I already asked you not to repeat the same message on my profile page in 17 hours.
Secondly all setlists have to be sourced, this has been asked several times, but you don't see the reason why we ask this and certainly don't oblige. We may consider all your uploads to be fake.
You also seem to be renaming lots of venues without any source listed. Since more than a month under the comment box it's written to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons." So better show a good exemple for others before we need to severe the rules.
To be honest I don't understand much of your reasoning, but that might be a language problem.
The discussion with another mod is from years ago, maybe in the meantime matters have changed.
It is not our job to know the order of the songs. If you found them somewhere it's your responsibility.
Also you have been told not to use duplicate user names.

Same here, the main artist was Bruno Canfora & Orchestra di Musica Leggera della RAI di Roma Setlist for all
Don't dare to contradict because you listed all others performing their songs with that orchestra. While the Orchestra itself didn't perform any song at all according to your setlists.
So start modifying please.

Why telling me the same message in 17 hours?
Please read my messages.
Use this option with each artist as a seperate @Set[] and use the @With[] tag for the Sanremo Festival Orchestra. OK?