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Thanks so much for the tip off on his blog! It's gonna be super fun digging through all of it

First, I think that the song-space-slash-song format should be used for what I’ll call “established” combinations. This means that songs that have been traditionally grouped together for multiple years/shows/tours (such as Cometary/Speed Guru or Pink Lady Lemonade/Om Riff) should 100% get that treatment. However, for songs where those combinations have only happened only a few times (such as Back Door Man/La Novia), ‘>’ should be used. Also, songs that segue into unknown tracks should NOT be grouped into a medley, the unknown titling mechanic should be used and a ‘>’ should be put in the info section of the song that segues into it. Additionally,I am of the opinion that giant blocks of medleys that take up almost the entire set should be broken up into either smaller medleys or individual songs where applicable.
Second, songs with multiple versions (like Pink Lady Lemonade) should have the version clarified in the “info” portion underneath it, unless the version being played also has a variation in title on an album, in which case the difference should be reflected in the title variation-if the variation isn’t reflected in musicbrainz I can go through and clean that up as well. The same goes for multi-part songs: note what part of the song is being played in the “info” portion underneath. If there is no way to tell what version or part of the song is being played (including written confirmation by a different party or an audio recording), then just leave the info portion of the song blank.
Third, songs that segue into or out of extended improvisational sections or jams should either have a ‘>’ symbol in the info section followed by the improv/jam on its own line, or have something like “extended” written in the info section, but should not be written in the space-slash style. Also, medleys that have a jam or improvisation in the middle of them should either have the jam/improvisation omitted from the medley (as the jamming/improvisational aspect is implied) or should be broken up around it, if the exploratory improvisation takes up the bulk of said ‘medley’.
Finally, medleys (such as Pink Lady/Om Riff/Pink Lady) that contain a repetition of a song should be written as song name-space slash-second song name or song name (‘>’ in the info section) second song name, with a note in the info section of the second song indicating that the first one was reprised. In cases where the repetition of a song happens in the middle of a larger medley, the ‘breaking up’ of medleys I talked about earlier applies.

That’s just a framework that I thought about last night, so I’m open to tweaks/adjustments to get everything as uniform as possible.
Lmk if you have any ideas or anything, I’m open to em!

Conceptually I basically entirely agree with you.
However, as you said (with specific regard to Cometary Orbital Drive), there are multiple different AMT songs of which they only ever play certain segments of, as the studio versions themselves are gigantic. Additionally, I did reach out to some friends who know or are in similar circles with Kawabata, and they confirmed to me that (to their knowledge) a lot of the AMT studio work is stitched together from jams and studio weirdness, provided it isn’t just the full jam presented as a studio work (such as the main track on Minstrel in the Galaxy), and that live versions can be updated and vary widely from the studio version(s) recorded. So, your question on how to label songs in the database is legitimate, as well as legitimately daunting. All of that said, I think I have at least the base of a solution, one that is able to at least partially resolve our concerns as well as clean up the stat page. I’ll outline it in a second comment so this one doesnt go on forever, lol.

The phish+dead shows don’t fall outside of the guidelines though, at least how I+most of the user staff read them. That’s because it’s not like a straight stitching together or mashup of multiple pieces (you could say a ‘medley’ in the most traditional sense), it’s a far more fluid and natural process that isn’t necessarily pre-planned in the same way a medley or mashup would be. That added fluidity does sufficiently blur the line between medley and jam/segue for a lot of people on the site to be able to fee comfortable with not turning whole set jams into one giant medley chunk, if that makes sense.

And for what it’s worth, I was planning on going back through and cleaning up all of the different versions and song names as a more long term project anyways.

Copied from that AMT setlist:

Since ‘>’ is used with jam bands like phish/grateful dead/etc on here when they segue from one song to the next instead of a straight medley/mashup, I figure that, as AMT is a similar type of jam-band, it would be better to use that for consistency across the site. It also cleans up their complete album stats by quite a bit.
Plus, the ‘>’ shorthand is defaulted to by a majority of the userbase/mod+admin team here in cases of bands like AMT, phish, the dead, goose, etc. Because of all of that, I am of the opinion that, although not strictly within the ruleset of how to arrange medleys (and even then, I’m personally not sure if I would call AMT jams ‘medleys‘ in the sense that it seems has the function set up for), I am of the opinion that the ‘>’ shorthand is better overall.

With all of that said though, I can go back and revert everything over the next day or so if necessary.

PS Thanks for the heads up on their site! I could use another project on here to comb through and that seems like it’d be a fun one.

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