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Hey SteveBSOT!
THANKS for posting those SOD/TOH setlists from this weekend! I was hoping someone from the Setlist.FM site was going so we could see what they played!! I ALWAYS appreciate ANY and ALL HELP with the setlists! Wish I could have been overseas to see those 2 shows!!!

If everybody's starting to use their own version of how the titles should be listed the statistics may turn up wrong.
That's why there are rules. And if people see WHY I make the change they might start following the rules.
I'm not the only one who corrects the titles, you may have seen this because I happened to make the corrections to a group you're following.
The comment by Martin4DBY about Smash it up has to be corrected to Smash it Up
So instead of opposing and writing it your own way, follow the autocorrection and the program will follow up.


A Waste Land and Windswept, as on record, segue into one another but are two separate songs. As such, it is not a medley. Both songs were performed live as they were on record.

When parting songs with a slash it indicates a medley, and as this is an interlude and a full song it is not a medley as such.

I hope you're with me on this.

Hi, I just saw your comments on The Damned setlist concerning Smash it up.
Firstly, there is already 802 setlists edited with "Smash it up", without specification about the 2 parts. It will take a very very long time to edit all those setlist to split "Smash it up" in "Smash it up part 1" and "Smash it up part 2". That's why I keep on editing setlist Damned setlist with only "Smash it up".
Secondly, it appears that nearly all Damned shows included the two parts of Smash it up. That's why it is precised by a comment when only the part 2 is played. Like here:
I hope you will now agree with me. Nonetheless, your point of view is understandable and rigorous.

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