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Hi Thrillionaire,
you created the following setlist for Sting on May 9th, 1992:
Can you please check, whether the year is correct: Sting was in the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on May 9th, 1993 during the Summoner's Tales tour, so exactly one year later ( The Soul Cages tour ended in February 1992, so according to the online information he was not on tour in May 1992.
Thanks a lot for your assistance in advance!
Best regards,

It's cool, thank you for the info! I really appreciate your reply! :) Have a good one!

I think they closed with "Give it away"?... it was so long ago. But I do vividly remember them coming out on stage naked with only socks on their dicks, wearing silver construction hats with a 5 inch flame coming out of the top! - Or maybe that was the time Nirvana opened for them at the L.A Sports Arena? Like I said it was a while ago and a lot of elements from shows are sort of all remembered in my head by the band and not the individual dates. It's like I can tell you all about "The Who" and stuff I saw them do live, but I cant always recall from which specific show. As if it was one continuous set over the years. Sorry.

Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers show in 1992! This setlist is empty, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill this setlist out. Thank you! :)

Hey, I saw that you went to a System of a Down concert in 2000, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


Cant help. wish I could. the camera I owned in 1988 was as big as a bed pillow. no way we were getting that into the show. It was a great show. Aerosmith rarely disappoints. I have only seen one bad show by them. Perry was out of the band and Tyler was wasted. ("Rock and a Hard Place" tour.

GnR, on the other hand, I saw a dozen times in diferent size venues. One would never know if the sound would suck or Axl would.

But that was part of the appeal. When they were on they were great. Slash just melts the music out of his guitar live on stage!

You saw the Aerosmith Concert Sept,15 1988 at Costa Mesa Pacific Amphitheater ??? Steven's outfit was so freakin' awesome.
I'm looking for some vids, but still can't find one. (I found only an audio con Axl Rose Mama Kin and a few seconds of stage scenes in an interview).
You know some ?

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