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Hey, you're one of the batsu guys, aren't you? Or at least I somehow connect your term to Dir en grey... where do I know you from? :D

I just saw that you lifted content from my Bauhaus Gig Guide ( website without asking for my permission or at least mentioning source. That's very awful. I have put years of work to my website and worked out almost 1000 setlists myself from old recording etc. And now they all appear here without any reference to me...Shame on you. I request to add source info to all setlist you stole from my site.

Awesome! The Warfield should be a great venue for JC. The bass synth notes in tracks like Prince of Darkness were rattling the walls at the Palladium.

hi trent do you by any shot have a recording of elliott smith's 11/21/2001 show at showbox? thanks!

in re: The Cure show. I worked Stage Crew and Stage Security for this show. A little girl got past me and rushed Robert Smith on stage. She trod on a violin and broke it. That was my last gig with I.M.P. Productions. That's ok, I blew my back out on this show.

In re: Nick Cave show of 1984. Nick teetered on the edge of scary and magnificent. During the show he sipped off a full bottle of Jack Daniels that the bartender gave him. After the show was over and everyone left, he was still standing at the bar sipping off that bottle, and it was almost empty.

All improvisations by The Cure should be credited as "Forever" - except on 1982's Pornography Tour ("All Mine" on that tour). Not sure why the switch was made, but you have even switched songs that were credited on official releases as "Forever" as "All Mine". To reiterate, "All Mine" was only played in 1982.


Do you have any more information on the Swans performance at CBC Radio in 1988? Do you know if it actually made it to broadcast?


well shit. I think I didn't add you 'cause I didn't know it was you. try again. :)

I see you edited a NIN setlist to include Piggy (nothing can stop me now)
Thank you.

just seen you adding all the Bob Dylan setlists and wanted to tell you that Bob Dylan took the lead and now is the artist with most setlists on 2550 :-)

Just send an admin a message ;)
That's the way I got promoted.

Please stop adding encore in Tool shows they never do actual encores they just have a set break

shhhhhhh. i was tired and clicking stuff that looked familiar.

Go for it.

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