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Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s concert in Boston in April 2014. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of the concert in audio or video?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

Please use the exact venue or location for the concerts you attended following the guidelines at
In the meantime when you create a new venue there's a specific warning not to use the festival name as venue
Please don't use festival names like Lollapalooza Festival for venues, but rather use the name of the actual venue, e.g. Grant Park in Chicago for this specific example. Also check our festival naming convention for details.

I see that you attended Iggy Pop's gig in Boston March 77. Do you know of anyone who taped the opening act, Blondie?

Wow, have you been on this site all along, or did you just work out of memory? I didn't even try to remember when I saw who beyond the last 3 or 4 years.

Hi there, I'm collecting live audio recording by The Police and am looking for their Mansfield 2008 recording. Did you or friends of yours record this show ? If you did or can help me, please email me at :
It would be much appreciated. Stuff to trade. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Dr

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