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You may be correct but your source is just a statement.
It would be much better to give us a link that Kuume is a cover of Fever and also use the link https://secondhandsongs.com/work/886/versions#nav-entity which tells us it was co-composed by Eddie Cooley. On this site we don't use the composer as original artist *unless* he releases his version.

No result found on the net for the unknown song "I was feeling", "I was so unwell", "All my expectations", "I took four shot of whiskey" "take my broken body to the graveyard on the hill". I'll have another listen to 'The Record' , his Country Concept album with Holly. If I don't find it I'll ask Ken, so we'll know.
Thanks so much for the tape.

thanks I'll see if I recognise the unknown song, it may also be a cover

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