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For https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chadwick-stokes/2013/private-venue-asbury-park-nj-3c7edd7.html#sfmses334a50b
Wouldn't you doubt if a tour with only one setlist exists for one artist, and is held in an Unknown Venue? To eliminate the doubt it would have been a good idea to list more shows, not only the one you attended.
What's more you reverted the setlist first time without listing any source for your edit.
Under every edit comment there's a text since more than one month that reads 'Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons.' It is there for a reason.


Did you see the reason why I deleted the tour name?
If there's only one concert, it's no tour. Besides the venue is unknown. If this was in someone's living room and you don't know the exact venue, it should be renamed Private Venue (with major first letters) according to the guidelines.

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