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bq. Death to faulty capitalization on Destruction setlists! Thanks for the back and forth, Dirk. If this is the style you're following ( ), then OK. But to American English users who know (and care), it looks odd to capitalize prepositions in song titles, even if they're longer than three words. That's why I lowercased "without" in that Destruction setlist as well. American editors follow a few styles, but the Chicago Manual ( or MLA ( win out for title style. Another is AP, for news orgs, and they recommend capitalizing four words or more in titles. Yuck though. This is a pretty great resource for American English with comparisons between the styles ( Thanks! I'll change it back in line with your style.

I'm just following the rules here. And uses musicbrainz.
I remarked to fellow mods and admins that English is the only language on here that doesn't follow 'normal' grammar rules. When you look at my native language and all other languages (apart from Welsh) we use the normal way of writing sentenses, first letter of a sentense and proper nouns. I also find this strange that songtitles in Dutch or French are written that way over here.

Read this before reverting
All words in a title should have their first letter capitalized and following letters lower case except as noted below:
(c) Short prepositions (three letters or less): ....

If I have enough fingers on my hand I count From is 4 letters.

hi! i noticed you attended Menomena's opening set for Gang of Four @ the Fillmore in May of 2005

I was wondering if you happened to recall anything they may have played from their set? here is a partial setlist from their opener 4 days later, it's probably extremely similar if not identical

they were still touring their debut album at this point but they were also playing a new song Evil Bee

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