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hi, this show with Everclear, Spacehog, Tracy Bonham, 7 Year Bitch
source Sunday night's four-band show featuring Everclear has been moved from the Bronco Bowl to Deep Ellum Live due to sluggish ticket sales ,
my tix show Bronco Bowl, i have seen Everclear at Deep Ellum Live diff date and others, mem not positive this show, do u recall which venue this show was at, thanks

Hello, I was wondering if you had a spare traditional hard stock ticket to the 1997 Motley Crue show at The Bronco Bowl you be willing to sell? Thank you in advance

hi, just found this link
source Quick (Dallas) Oct 13, 2005 - confirms ballroom, but
KINGS OF LEON Sunday (rescheduled from Wednesday) at Gypsy Tea Room's ballroom. Doors at 8 p.m. $20. Front Gate Tickets.
even tho this listing doesnt seem to fit im leaving note in case other info comes up, sun oct 16 KOL listed in philly, sun oct 23 in brazil, so did quick listing really mean resched to wednesday, seems like only date this shows fits
so im curious what date is on ur ticket for setlist oct 19, 2005 KOL at gypsy ballroom

ok im a lil confused , i have u attended 4 gypsy KOL shows
please be specific show date ballroom or smaller tea room
pics if u got em

hi, thanks for ur info on the 2 kol shows i asked about, i also see u attended the other 2 kol
shows at gypsy,
my concern is all the gypsy shows were merged into 1 venue in 2018 (by error by someone who did not understand it was 2 venues) , i am trying to clean the gyspy shows up best i can, most info online is very generic 'gyspy tea room' , so when i cant find a ticket or specific 'gypsy ballroom' or 'in the tea room' ref i have to ask attendees what they rem or if they have ticket to ref, as u know the ballroom is on main st door (became The Door and now 2513 Deep Ellum) and smaller tea room is on elm st door (prophet bar now) which is ref on all tix, im not surprised some of kol gypsy were in small room but they got popular and thot maybe some were in ballroom, all online refs r generic, i only saw kol once and it was as warmup for strokes at a starplex show in 2003, i am from dallas also, if u could double check all 4 of ur shows again and get back with me , thanks

hi, trying to determine if this show was in large Ballroom or small Tea Room, if you know please update venue or msg me with info, thanks 2005 diff than 2006 below

hi, trying to determine if this show was in large Ballroom or small Tea Room, if you know please update venue or msg me with info, thanks

hi hagfish stage explosion, i think it was probably a confetti burst, cus i dont rem any pyro at trees ever

wow, that's cool. I had seen them dozens of times...but I don't know if I was at this specific show. figures I would miss the one time they do something different. thx.

hi hagfish stage explosion, to tell the truth ive been to so many shows i dont specifically rem this one. i have the setlist from the show and stage explosion was written next to 2 songs. so yes i guess they had some minor pyro techs, cus trees never let much of that nature occur.

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