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Hi "Beachboy379", I just wonder... why do you seperate STING´s from Shaggy´s songs? He plays "Oh Carolina" and "We´ll be together" in one song. Switches back and forth... Even on the official setlist it is "We´ll be together / Oh Carolina"... And: You haven´t been there even. So why?
Thank you!

The next time you edit a setlist for a show that you did not attend you need to post a source. This happens too many times with your edits. The Miles Davis show you changed was to something that wasn't a venue and even though there are many shows that use that listing as a venue, and I understand your confusion, you need provide a link or give a reason in the comment section as to why you make the change.

Just wondering what your rationale is for listing the Overture before Set 1 instead of part of Set 1?

OK - all changed. I definitely agree with your comment about keeping things consistent as far as the song database is concerned. I think Soundwave had the perfect solution.

I checked in with Soundwave, one of the moderators and he suggested this for Tuesday Afternoon: Tuesday Afternoon @Info[listed as Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) in the original album track list]. What do you think?

I'm curious to know why "beachboys379" edited out the start times which I had in the setlist. To me it's an interesting bit of info to know when the gig began and ended.

Soundchecks deleted. Thanks for letting me know!

Sorry, I haven't been paying attention to Paul McCartney lately. If the soundchecks were not opened to the public, then they should be deleted. I can delete them if you want, but I will probably not get to them until this weekend.

Hi, I corrected the last Ringo tour to the 12th All Starr Band. Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for reporting those Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band issues, I've fixed them all now.

Gah! I saw the change going the other way. Sorry about that!

Yours is the duplicate. I created mine a full month before you created the duplicate.

Please stop changing the Glenn Frey show I created - a 1993 show in Knoxville, TN that I attended - to a completely different show in a different year. It is very easy to create a new setlist if you want to add a different show.

Thanks for the correction there on Fleetwood Mac! Had a bit of a blonde moment

Thanks for cleaning up after me! :) Would you happen to know if there's a recorded version of "Heroes And Villains" as they performed it last night? It was a little longer than the single version, but not as long as the "Smile" version (I think.) At least, none of the versions on the "Good Vibrations" box set seem to match up. Let me know. Thanks again?

Thank you so much! It works! :D

Hey there, a question about this setlist?

How did you manage to create an encore WITH an @Set tag. It is exactly what we need for these Paul Simon & Sting setlists, but next to impossible to achieve. I have never seen it done before!

I did briefly use the restroom after the 2nd set, but it was only a couple of minutes. I don't think he squeezed that song in, but am attempting to clarify it with the user who added it to the setlist...

I'm pretty sure he did not perform "Blow by Blow" ... not sure where "the-concert" got his info? Would've been nice though!

Most (if not all) of the Stevie Nicks & Don Henley shows that you added are really two separate shows: a Don Henley show (with Stevie Nicks as a guest on some songs) and a Stevie Nicks show (with Don Henley as a guest on some songs). Please split them up. Thanks!