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Thank you beachboys379 for adding two songs I couldn't identify from the Beach Boys in Elk Grove Village, IL. WOW, a 40 song setlist is amazing to me! I also appreciate you adding the link to the video captured at the event. I wouldn't have found it without your help. Take care!


I'm wondering where you found the information when you uploaded both Ringo Italian 1992 concerts. I also know by heart these were at the venues atthebeeb is mentioning and could have rectified these if I'd seen them.

Hi, I saw you changed some setlists where I attended the concerts. For example

Edits were wrong, please give source or proof when you do such changes.

Hi, I looked at your edit for Colin Blunstone's 'Miles Away' being a cover of the band Complex. However, apart from the song being written by Stephen John Coe, I see no evidence the song was ever recording by Complex.
According to its first release was on the Colin Blunstone single in '81.

There is however a release called Mitchell / Coe Mysteries - Exiled, that features the same Blunstone song/recording ( but this album, nor artist collaboration is not on MusicBrainz, so I can't link the song to it. I will revert back to the song being a Blunstone song, until the Mitchell/Coe project is created on MB.

Yesterday or the day before you asked me to lock which i obliged to. Now that message on my profile page seems to have disappeared, so only your negative remarks on my profile page, which are undeserved in my opinion, are visible.

Given you've had a long history (since 2013 that is) of adding fake setlists and edits, and other mods have been in correspondence with you about this, you're not Joe Public. You seem to be focusing for a couple of weeks on one artists to make wrong suggestions without any proof.

If I remember well you made comments on other people's profile page and promised to do your best to make this site as best as possible.
Why not try to start listing sources for the setlists you upload? What may be evident for you is not evident for everyone.
A small effort for you, a large result for everyone.
Or is this also one of the policies you don't agree to?
Remember this site is not about you but about the community.

Just have a look at how many mods have written remarks on your profile page I may have upset people because I asked them to follow the guidelines which you don't seem to follow always either. Some people learn from their mistakes.

So asking to delete a mimed television performance, this is follow up the guidelines is threatening?
If everybody just does what he wants here, this site would be a mess.

Please get the facts straight, don't like my words being turned around.
"dirkvandamme told me to request the setlist be deleted because HE didn’t like it being on the site."
Where can you find in the guidelines mimed performances belong here on
You told before "I’m only trying to help, but the fact remains i don’t agree with every policy, I’m simply voicing an opinion" so I had to insist you asked them to be removed, otherwise you would have left them.

You still seem to be hammering on the medley played by Santana (BTW not a Santana original) being listed for a short time as a Ringo Starr and his All Star Band cover. Underneath there's a lot of explanation about how this went.
If I understand your arguments correctly you still seem to be wanting this listed as a Santana original. I may be wrong though.
I told you this was a bug and I repaired it.

I never told you I'm superior or feeling superior. You were trying to convince other persons not to list Paul McCartney soundchecks. Then I sent you a link which proved they were allowed. You made a lot of work of listing lots of these. Then suddenly they disappeared. I discovered because it was you who asked them to be removed because you felt these soundchecks never would be complete. This website is far from complete, that's why everybody can put his little stone.
Then I noticed you uploaded television performances in which Paul McCartney mimes. I told you these definetely don't belong here and asked you to do the same like you did with the soundchecks. After a couple of days you haven't taken any action yet. Then I told you to follow all the guidelines. So you feel that you're doing your best when you're actively ignoring the guidelines?
I tried you showing the way with arguments as to why. You've been doing a lot of work which is appreciated but we don't accept ignoring the guidelines.

Thanks from a fellow Beach Boys fan! :-)

I have been receiving messages and e-mails from him for months now, maybe up to a hundred by now and it's getting on my nerves. He has been encouraging two other moderators in bullying me. I sent a complaint to ( about him. Would consider doing this too, to make our/my case stronger?

Hi, are you receiving rude comments from Dirkvandamme? Contact me, please.

The guidelines are not a fruits basket where you pick the ones you like. You have to respect ALL of them at any time – or stop participating. Simple as that.
So if you have uploaded setlists with mimed performances, just do like you did with the soundchecks, ask them to be deleted.
BTW, more moderators agree the VIP soundchecks with paying audiences are accepted, so don't ask these to be removed.

Still wondering when you are going to ask to delete that mimed Paul McCartney television performance. There might be more such 'performances' you uploaded.
Ignoring guidelines on purpose is rude and selfish behaviour that creates a lot of work for many users including roadies, moderators and admins.

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