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Since apparently you live in the Netherlands you might have a better view what shows are cancelled.
I've contacted two other Dutch mods to follow up on this forum
Maybe you could help out, also for other countries

A while back, someone deleted the festival page for "Zaire 74" that I created; I'm not sure who it was, so I decided to mass send this message to every moderator. It's not a fake festival, and in fact has an article on Wikipedia, which is where I got the information from. I'd appreciate if it was not deleted a second time.

Calla, seguro te gusta lo mexicano y Metallica. Sólo te salvas si escuchas Molotov y I Dissapear

hey there, just wanted to inform you that we put a forum online today and that there's also a forum just for moderators and admins where we can discuss stuff centrally, it's on


(i posted this message to all moderators)

hey luis, sorry for getting back to you so late - but I was on holiday the last week ... for the first time since two years, so please bear with me :-) yeah the pic with the shirt would be great, you can send it to msp (at) ... it'll be on our wall of fame in our office and ... if you agree ... on facebook some time later, when we got some more pics.
as for the artist imports: yes there is a delay, but it should become narrower from day to day, we had some problems there so it could take some days to import the artist.

mira, creo que te llevaste la revista donde dejé el setlist adentro y como que no salvé el mensaje en el cel, así que lo tendrás que pasar tú.

jejeje glad you like it :-)

just wanted to tell you that there's a new feature to block editors, check out how it works on: (copied this message to all moderators)

if everything works out well, then today or as to say in a few hours ... we hope there will be no problems. we'll need some hours of downtime however. but then it's gonna be a lot better, with the whole venue stuff :)

hmmm that's quite weird as I sent a mail two weeks ago concerning the new setlist version (that's going to be online in some days) ... i believe i sent it to the mail address you provided here on ... but I got answer from one moderator only, maybe it got caught in a spam folder or something. I sent it on august 21 ... we should really consider a better way to communicate with moderators I think. a forum or something. as far as your shirt is concerned: if we had known that you don't see each other on a regular basis, there wouldn't have been a problem to send it to you separately! hope you get it before christmas jejeje. have fun and best wishes

Hi Luis, the artist is in now, don't know why it didn't work ... btw did you receive the mail I sent some days ago? concerning the beta version and the shirts ...

Hi! I'm just wondering if you'd be interested in having a forum. Please vote or comment:

Cheers, Stefan

hola luis, solo quise decirte que a) we added a feedback-form on to discuss things we could improve - starting with a question from mr_magpie - feel free to add your suggestions there. and b) that there's a new page showing all recent edits and comments in decending order on

have fun

PS: I copied this message to all moderators

i just went over all the R.E.M. songs in the statistics and had some fun with the autocorretion feature (fuzy explained above) - and now all songs are equally written, all covers should be correct ... now the statistics really rock :-) please note that the statistics are now case-sensitive meaning that e.g. "the one i love" and "The One I Love" are two different songs ... but this way the data quality of the setlists will definitely rise. we also have a new autocorrection feature when adding setlists, I'll write a blog entry about it on monday.

please tell me/us what you think - and if you've got ideas o algo, cuentanos!


Hi Luis, you're now not only a moderator here at - no, you're an official moderator! ;) - well, just in case you wonder where this star next to your name comes from. There is a new help page for mods as well:

Especially the batch editing feature might be of interest. We would be happy to hear what you think about it.

Cheers, Stefan

thanks! the statistic are one of the reasons why it took so long :-) but as a perfectionist i now want all my attended concerts be put in there .... unfortunately it isn't quite possible ... but maybe comes time when all concerts ever played are in the database :-) and unfortunately R.E.M. didn't come to play a birthday gig for me ... they must have missed my blogentry somehow

Yepp, I really hoped they'll open with Living Well. My favourite opener'd be Kenneth (see poll on ;-)) - but Bad Day is also great. I've seen them opening with
* Finest Worksong
* I Took Your Name (2x)
* Supernatural Superserious

... but I'd really like to see Kenneth, These Days, Living Well and Wake-up bomb in a row :-)

hehe I didn't know that Stuttgart was the only gig where R.E.M. opened with Supernatural Superserious - I'm just wondering because I was there :-) thanks for adding the hint ;-)

alright the update's on. please check again if you now see the content of the panel. but please be aware that there will be no confirmation dialog or something - so if you hit delete, it'll be gone for good ;-)

uff you're right. my mistake, so you have to wait for your mod-rights until the next update, I'll tell you then :-)

the R.E.M. setlists just rock - I love the statistics :-)

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