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Hey, I stunmbled apon a system of a down show you attended from 2002, that's sweet, how was it? I want to know if you have any recrodings/phtos from that event, if not do you know anyone who does? thanks in advance!

For Instagram posts and reels (that stay on Instagram indefinitely vs Stories which disappear after 24 hours) there is a share button (the paper airplane under the photo) that allows you to "Copy link" . That link can then be pasted as a SOURCE for the setlist edit you are making.

Twitter/X also has a share button that allows you to copy the url.

Hi. You can start editing. Use a source for EVERY edit. EVERY time.
I know the downloading and uploadingof their IG stories is extra work but it keeps a verifiable record of the setlist the artist posts in their IG Story.

Hi. I know American Aquarium usually posts their setlists that night on their Instagram Story.

What would be great is if you could screenshot or download that Instagram Story (using an Instagram downloader. and then put the image on a free photo-sharing site like Flickr to use as a source.

I know it's extra work, but then it's a verifiable source after the IG Story has disappeared 24 hours after posting.

Please provide actual sources for your edits or they will be removed/reverted. Writing "Band Instagram" isn't really a source as it cannot be easily verified

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