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I hope you enjoy the cruise and come back with great memories ! np :)

yes, still the same :) thx for sending it.

thx for the info

can u help me with the venues ?

replied you there :)

my e-mail is =)

Adler is a new band. I'm trying to add it, but it's still doesn't listed here . I'll add the sets when everything got ready . Also , i'll add the Skid Row set ; ) thank you

Sorry man, my bad. Already changed the Skid Row sets also.

I got the sets on a forum ; ) kissfaq and they were updating the concerts

They did not play Carnival Destiny this year. They played there LAST YEAR.

As of 3:30pm yesterday, Norwegian & KISS reached an agreement to be the Official Cruise Line for KISS Kruises.

hey man, we were discussing the cruises, and the first city will remain, so Carnival Destiny, Miami, FL will be the venue .

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