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So Tiamat and Loudblast followed Death on 1992 euro-tour and not in 1991? There is a confusion about the dates, they have in common 2 dates in Austria and 4 in Germany. Same day and month but different year

Sorry, but that is not correct. As support Pestilence and Viogression were announced on the ticket, but I wrote down on the back of the ticket, that both were replaced by Tiamat and Loudblast. When I search the internet I found the same information on the site of Germanys leading metal magazine rockhard.de.

Mate, if you saw Death/Tiamat/Loudblast in Hamburg on the 14th of February, it was in 1991. If you saw Death in 1992 then it was with Pestilence/Viogression. Try to remeber and correct the setlists back if it's necessary

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