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Hello busby,

Please take a minute to read a few things about my Uriah Heep research here: www.uriah-heep.com/newa/konstantinostakos.php

Could you please send an e-mail to the address included on that page? ( gigs@uriah-heep.com )

I would like to ask you about the detailed set lists you posted for 3 Uriah Heep concerts you attended in the 70's.

PS: If you are interested, I can send you memorabilia from those concerts (photos, tickets, reviews etc).

Thank you & best regards,

Hi, sorry I don't have a recording of the James Taylor concert at the MEN. He tended to play the same or very similar set on all his shows on that tour. He was very good, as he always is. Sorry I can't help further. Best wishes

Hi there. Thanks for your authoritative update of James Taylor at MEN. Do you have a recording? Any chance of sharing? Thanks.


Ok, Thank you for the reply.


Hi, the Phil Collins gig was very good. As there was nothing special about the ticket, I didn't keep it. Sorry.


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in Manchester 2017.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Do you have the opportunity and the kindness to do a scan.
It's for my collection.

Thank you!