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Sorry. Didn’t see the set differences. Just changing that NKOTB didn’t play the other artists’ songs. They should be listed under their own sets. Not changing your edits. :)

Thank for getting back to me on the Santana Jazzfest setlist. Thats the thing I hate about Jazzfest is you have so many shows going on almost at once!! My luck its usually all the people I want to see, then you have to either skip someone or see bits and pieces of them all.

Hello! Any help on that Santana Jazzfest setlist? I had to leave around the time of "Maria Maria" with my friends who were going to the Joe Russo's ALmost Dead show. I think I missed a song or two before "Maria Maria", and the songs after (especially with Trombone Shorty) are definitely out of order. THANK YOU for the help on the NOLA Jazzfest setlists!!!
More later... :)Tom

Thanks for the help on that Trombone Shorty Jazzfest setlist!