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Hi there,

I'm writing here on your profile because you have clicked the 'I was there' button for the Stone Temple Pilots performance at Lollapalooza on July 18, 1992 in Mountain View, California that has listed. Could you please let me know how specific you recall Stone Temple Pilots playing at this show? The reason I am asking is that a moderator on added this show to the site, while according to all other sources, including the band members themselves, Stone Temple Pilots only played two stops of the Lollapalooza '92 tour: Phoenix, Arizona and Irvine, California.

As a Stone Temple Pilots fan and webmaster, I am trying to remove as much band fiction from the internet and I am trying to get their correct shows listed on and their wrong shows removed. I wouldn't want your concert experience history to be muddied up with bands that weren't there. If you want to read more about Stone Temple Pilots on Lollapalooza, you can read about the two shows the band did play on my blog:


Hi!! Wonder how we find each other like normally

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