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Channa Channa Channa talks about music , concerts and pop culture , show off his music collection and interview friends, music fans and artists.


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Added Acid Mothers Temple Manila , Marty Friedman Guitar Clinic Manila , Polyphia X Marty Friedman Manila show. s

Added Sinsaenum Live in Manila

Added Devourment , Artery Eruption , Indecent Excision Manila

Added Slayer In Manila, Mr Big Live in Manila and Joey Muha Manila

Added Deathtopia Live in Manila 2017

Added Polyphia Guitar Clinic in Manila

Added Polyphia Guitar Clinic Manila

Added Polyphia Guitar Clinic Manila

Added Generation Axe Tour 2017 Singapore

Added The Four Aces Live In Manila 2006

Added Defeated Sanity Manila 2017

Added SG shows of Joe Satriani, GN'R , Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and Wolfmother

Added Bumblefoot Guitar Clinic and Jam Session on May 27th 2016 in Makati

Added Fleshcrawl and Arnel Pineda shows

Added All For Nothing 2016 Manila

Added Bazooka Rocks 2015 set lists to my profile

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