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12/4 Hotline TNT, Crime Lab, Overwhelm, Moonlight Lounge
12/13 TV Girl, Jordana, Revel
1/9 Slaughter Beach, Dog, Sun June, Meow Wolf, Santa Fe
1/28 The Mountain Goats, Craig Finn, Bully, El Rey Theater
2/2 Buck Meek, Dylan Meek, Sister
2/4 Archer Oh!, Thursday Marks Fall, Last Peso, Launchpad
2/9 Twin Tribes, Urban Heat, Vandal Moon, Sunshine Theater
2/14 Poison Ruïn, Sister
2/28 JER, Devon Kay & The Solutions, Suzie True, Launchpad
2/29 Reverend Horton Heat, Dale Watson, Jason D. Williams, Sister
3/2 Sleater-Kinney, Black Belt Eagle Scout, El Rey Theater
3/3 The Ocean, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Shy, Low, Launchpad
3/5 Early Eyes, Trash Panda, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Meow Wolf, Santa Fe
3/8 Real Estate, Florry, Meow Wolf, Santa Fe


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Thanks. Sean and I are friends, and he has been supplying me with some old news links, and I have been doing a lot of digging on my own. I REALLY like his music! He's great guy! I know we would both appreciate anything else you find.

THANK YOU for finding that Sean Healen date from 2006!!!

bq. Can you look at the edits on these setlist
Mine keep getting reverted even though I provided sources to the user.

The guidelines read
For statistics reasons we use musicbrainz, so what the other person tells is correct.
You can see the title is used 82 times without Street and once (your edit) with Street

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