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I don't think it would be possible to write a program (I'm not a programmer) that can verify if a venue really exists. Not all venues or bars don't have a website. Don't know if users have access to the page of a venue on here, but there one can fill in the address, eventually website, wikipedia page...
Since at one time it was also allowed to list Private Venues under Living Room or even Unknown Venues, I just thought of going through most of the venues with Living Room in their name to ask the uploaders to eventually change these.
Thanks again.

E.g. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/modeselektor/2019/berghain-berlin-germany-1b921598.html you upload this without any source, this doesn't proof it actually took place. You don't realise to what extend people go to put fake setlists on here. So if you had put a source for the Living Room concert we could actually notice this is a venue with such name and not a private venue.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge. So if you had put a link somehow we could have verified.
A moderators task is a.o. to show people how to make this site better and notice ambiguous things such as living room venues.

To avoid ambiguaties such as the previous one it's better to list sources to your uploads and edits.

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