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I am STILL very confused, disappointed, and frankly quite baffled on how this site STILL does not seem to have a way to handle opening acts. I've had so-called administrators remove my added info time and time again, responding to my complaints that you can look by the same date etc... and this just seem woefully inadequate when you should be able to just look up a concert and BOOM there's the opening act(s). I mean seriously!?

Having this sight glaring point out that I have "no friends" is sad lol

I still see people constantly removing the opening act @information from set lists!?!?!?!!!. As I stated before... having to search out information under the "related concerts" when referring to "Opening acts" is down right misleading if nothing else. The information about who opened up for who listed right there in the set list seems WAAAAAY more logical than some list of concerts that may or may NOT have been in the same venue. Why people are taking the time to delete useful information to make it MORE complicated seems infuriating to me. So until this database provides a more logical and useful way of cross referencing I wish people would leave well enough alone.

Ah ic yes, yes very cool...

there is still your info about San Jacinto. one of your versions. the longer one that i've found better.

Oh I see. You're listing them under Info at the bottom of the setlist. I wasn't sure what shows you were referring to. I'll leave the notes alone unless told otherwise. I'm more concerned with straightening out the tours.

No need to argue. I'm not sure why you find "related concerts" to be obscure or hard to "track down". It's right there plain as day. The only thing that should be listed under "Tour" is a "Tour". Not the name of a Festival, not a one time event, and not another bands name. We can't list "Supporting" in the tour, because in many cases bands do not tour with the same headliner or opening band for the ENTIRE tour. So one tour ends up listed four different ways.

Hello there David. All headliners and supporting acts are already listed on the page. Setlist has removed any reason for listing other bands in the tour section by listing all bands that played that night in the side panel to the right of the setlist. "supporting whoever" is definitely not the name of a tour. If anything it would be extra @Info at the bottom of the setlist. But, again, that's unnecessary because it's already on the page.

This is a great site... so glad to have found it I hope it keeps improving.. I see good requests for entering ticket stubs and cross referencing Opening Acts better and such I hope this becomes the definitive site for set-lists

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