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After six months you didn't correct any of those setlists I asked to verify. Good for you but not for the community.

I noticed you listed 13 concerts at Studio sessions
See the details about Ancienne Belgique halls here
Closed for renovation works between August 1992 and December 5, 1995. Most concerts programmed during this period were at Luna Theater.
Also known as AB Ballroom ( Remove), AB Box ( Remove), AB Flex ( Remove), AB Grote Zaal ( Remove), AB Main Hall ( Remove), AB Salle ( Remove), AB Theater ( Remove), AB Théâtre ( Remove), ABBox ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Ballroom ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Box ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Flex ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Grote Zaal ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Main Hall ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Salle ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Theater ( Remove), Ancienne Belgique Théâtre ( Remove), Oud België ( Remove)

Small club upstairs for a couple of hundreds visitors.