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Another idea which I use a lot is to save websites where information disappears after a while on . If you refer to the saved link the information remains there forever.


Hi Dirk:

The artist's website is not good enough for adding future tour dates? In this scenario, Matt Nathanson's website clearly states the tour is labeled as "Fall 2022" and lists the dates.

As far as the medley's go - the data from the setlists I am updating is incorrect per this wiki's guidelines, so I'm trying to go through and correcting it. has an extensive setlist archive with links to live audio recordings. Would you rather me direct link to each specific page on the archive's set pages/each individual show recording on the "Live Music Archive"?

Most of what I'm doing with Matt Nathanson's setlists is correcting already bad data on this site. I read and understand what this page's definition of a medley (of which I agree) - most everything labeled as a medley here for his previous setlists is labeled incorrectly.
Please advise,

The guidelines and my explanation are clear. Be as specific and detailed as possible so your edits can be verified. So 'tour schedule' or 'adding the name of the tour' which is just a repeat of what you've done and which everybody can see can be specified with a link to either the artists website. If there's a link on Live Music Archive it's surely a good idea to copy such a link.

tour schedule for uploading setlists and adding the name of the tour is not satisfying.
You may know a lot about certain artists and this may seem obvious to you, but this is a community where knowledge has to be shared.
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer." is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be
****as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. ****
To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Nor is "pretty the world website, correcting medley's labeled incorrectly" for editing medleys
Give us a source that your edits meet the criteria written at
A medley is a mix of partially performed songs connected together with no breaks in between. Please note that:

If the songs were played in full with no break in between then they should not be listed as a medley. They should each receive their own line.
If one of the songs was performed in full then it does not fit the definition of a medley. A song info should be added for additional snippets. E.g. add with 'Black Dog' intro as song info for Whole Lotta Love
Adding a with artist, additional info or a cover results in affecting all songs of the medley, not just one song.
Do not write Medley: at the beginning
cover must not be added unless all songs in the medley were by the same artist
There should be no spaces if the slash is part of a song title that is not a medley. E.g. the Velvet Underground song White Light/White Heat.

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