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It shows on bootlegs abd on here was played February 13th as a encore before Communication Breakdown

I don't recall "Roll Over Beethoven" being played by Led Zeppelin. What I do remember of the February 13th 1975 concert is a ridiculously long and extremely BORING "Moby Dick" drum solo followed by a ridiculously long and extremely BORING violin bowing on "Dazed and Confused". The highlight of the show was "Communication Breakdown" with guest Ronny Wood. I thought the concert was uninspired and sloppily played. This concert still rates as one of the worst and most disappointing concerts I've ever attended. But the Jun 15, 1972 concert remains one of my all time favorites!

Did Led Zeppelin Play Roll Over Beethoven on February 13th 1975 i cant find it on a cd Can anyone confirm this

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