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My goal is to find shows of my favorite musical artists that may have been lost and save these memories on setlist.fm.


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You commented that i put great sound on a jamiroquai concert in scotland. That was not me. I dont know if someone hacked my account or something, but that wasnt me.

Oh okay, hadn't seen that! Thank you for changing it!

Thanks for your reply on my profile and it made me feel that I should provide more explanation to lead you proper understanding of this case.

>"Ryogoku Monten Hall" with no mention of it also meaning "Ryougoku Kokugikan"
in Setlist.fm's database
This is due to “Ryougoku Monten Hall” and “Ryougoku Kokugikan” are different venues. The former is a small venue for a concert or a play. The latter is huge arena for Sumo wrestling or a big concert.
I wrote “Sumo Hall” means Ryougoku Kokugikan. In fact, a hall named “Sumo Hall” does not exist. This is why I wrote “the quality of the sources was a little bit poor”.
It was easy for a Japanese to reach Ryougoku Kokugikan, from keywords as “Sumo Hall” and “Ryougoku”.
To avoid similar trouble like you had this time, I have added a new alias “Sumo Hall, Ryogoku” to “Rougoku Kokugikan”.
Thanks for reading this!

Hi there,
I know you struggled with finding proper venues on these setlists, because of the quality of the sources were a little bit poor.
In such cases, please use such as “Unknown Venue, Tokyo” or “Unknown Venue, Yokohama”. “Unknown Venue” will be a good trigger for a Moderator to search correct venue, rather than picking up wrong venue, assigned through uncertain source.

hi, when i entered those 2 entries i thot it seemed a lil early for the band but db says they formed in 1987 so it was best pick, ill trust ur concern and changed to a diff Urge which my entries prob r not either, i have no info on band just show dates, and ur The Urge is only info that shows online with a 1987 date included, thanks

ok u can report it as a fake setlist with ur comment, thanks

Hello Dragondaniel1,

I’m fairly certain that PM5K played “Rise” (or a form of it) at El Corazon back in 2006. Spider did some rapping during the “Destroy What You Enjoy” tour between songs and as added intros.

Good Luck in your search for setlists!

- RockerDude4Life

It looks like an artist called Urge was support for Soul Asylum.

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dragondaniel1 saw 2 different artists.