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Name Gary Thrasher

I'm an aging (50-ish) musician into a variety of music, but who is still very particular about his tastes. Thanks to my mom's influence, I'm into classic rock, like Zeppelin, Beatles, Rush, etc. I was a bigtime Deadhead. Love Steely Dan. But once I got a little older, I started to develop my own tastes, and those were imbedded in the new wave stuff I heard and saw on MTV back in the early to mid 80s. In late 1986/early 1987 I discovered The Cure and that set me on the road to Post-Punk/Goth. Not that I didn't still have a weakness for some female pop singers like Debbie Gibson or Tiffany... I was a 14-15 year old boy full of hormones, you know! But I discovered stuff like New Order, INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets etc. Then as I worked my way darker, I took New Order back to Joy Division and Love and Rockets back to Bauhaus... But at the same time, around 1990, I also discovered shoegaze thanks to bands like Lush and Ride. That was added into the mix. I started playing bass and guitar in 1990, joined various bands in the 90's including starting my first goth band in 1995, and never looked back. I also like some bluegrass, more the newgrass type of stuff, like basically anything Chris Thile touches. My young spouse has gotten me into some Pop Punk like The Wonder Years, Hot Mulligan, Mom Jeans, etc, which isn't much of a stretch from Alkaline Trio, who I already like. I also like seemingly random stuff like Barenaked Ladies, who I have seen probably 7 times live... and even newer stuff like Yungblud. I'm all over the map, but still picky and very dedicated to the bands I choose. And very passionate and fanatical about them. I mean, I was a Deadhead and a Cure fan. Those two bands have some of the most rabid fans known to mankind. :)


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Hello! I apologize for my late response! Honest to God, I have absolutely no idea. I'm surprised at myself for never noticing that… I'm sure it was an honest mistake on the Mod's part, though, with all due respect, they really should have done their research first before making a decision like that. Anyways, thank you for making all of those corrections and for letting me know! I really appreciate it! And good eye on catching that mistake! :) Cheers!

Hello! I saw that you just posted in the Forum thread regarding the Dan Campbell/Aaron West issue. I just wanted to let you know that I contacted a moderator and (hopefully) they can help change all of the setlists from Dan Campbell setlists to Aaron West setlists through a batch edit. I'm sure the moderator will get back to me in a few hours. Hopefully this issue can get resolved!