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Hi there!

I recieved your message on spam and I answered you few days ago. Please let me know if you recieved my message and list of bootlegs.

Thanks :)


Yes! My email address is: matunahuel95@gmail.com

I will send you my list too.

Thanks :)

Hi there,

Yes of course, I dont have problem to wait you. I just have of your gigs the recording of Elbphilharmonie (video), Hannover 2013 (cd), Cologne 2001 (video), Hamburg 2001 (audience)

We are in contact.
Thank you so much :)

Hi! I saw that you went to some Robbie Williams gigs. I would like to know if you have bootlegs and you download gigs of him. I have a lot if you want to exchange the files (especially of Germany since 1997)

Thanks :)

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