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man, they are doing only 4 shows supporting Judas Priest, and their setlist, isn't going to be the same if you're going to a headline Blind Guardian show, so i think it's not messes up to much the stats (:

but if we need to do that, we'll need to change ALL the tour names from the supporting bands... so...

I do understand your reasoning behind it but it totally messes up people who want to see tour statistics for Blind Guardian.

all support bands, when the headline band have a official tour name, we put it, for example, Judas Priest - Epitaph and when Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society was supporting Judas Priest we put "Epitaph" for all the bands. Same with Nickelback, Seether, Bush and My Darkest Days, they all have a different tour name but all are with "Here and Now" wich is the Nickelback tour name.

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