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One again, Thank you very much! Thats brilliant!

thanks Man!

Hey. Heading to see the 7 Tour this week and was just curious about the order of bands and approximate run time of the show so I can coordiniate travel details. Thanks.

Yes, See Spot Rock, that's what I was looking for. :) Thanks for the website! I'll see if they know anything! :)

Hi! I saw you went to a Skillet concert way back in 2004....I just wanted to know if you had any video footage of them? I'm looking for footage of some certain songs they played back then :)

Yeah, I've been privilaged to see them many times, was very happy to make my 10th, the final show. Was intense! :) Yeah I'll cheack out those sources man, they sound like the right place to look. Thanks again mate, much appreciated!

Hi mate, thanks for updating all the D? concerts, it's fantastic, I never thought I'd get my hands on the setlists for those, brings back so many memories. Out of curiosity, where do you get your info?