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Imaš li kakvu informaciju da je ovo točna setlista pošto mi se čini da je ovo dio koncerta iz 1993 Sava centar. Video je ovdje https://fb.watch/4UfbQlSmbV/
Ako nije ipak fejk lista potvrdi

Thanks for the info. I will delete the setlist then.

Unfortunately, the version you referred on YouTube is not a complete record, but an excerpt from the show.
I checked local Bon Jovi fans blog, reporting every setlist of their shows in Japan, and found that they played, at least, 7 songs in this show.
For the time being, I think this setlist should be kept as it is.

His comments were obscene and were deleted so please ignore if you see one and don't respond.

I dig your cover of Sweet Leaf. You guys sound good!

The CCD Fans group on FB is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CharmCityDevilsFans/. It hasn't been active in a while as the band hasn't been active in a while. Check out the new band Stone Horses at https://www.facebook.com/StoneHorsesMusic/ and the fan group for them at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1899750603645683/.

I'm friendly with the guys in the band. I first met John Allen and Nicky Kay when they were in Child's Play back in 1990. After having not seen the guys for years, I reconnected at the Dr. Watsons show in Philly in 2009 right before the Cruefest 2 tour.

I set up a Facebook group to help spread the love for CCD and sort of became their unofficial show archivist here at setlist.fm. John has even contributed to some of the setlists here over the years, and other times he and Anthony would text me the setlists to post.

John and Jason from CCD have a new band called Stone Horses. Check them out if you haven't heard them!

Thanks for the Youtube link, I'll check it out and share it with John. :)

Please don't make changes based on guesses. If you know for fact a song was a live debut then please by all means add the info. If not please don't change the setlists.

I have previously entered setlists where I know for fact the songs played (as well as some shows where the band texted me the setlist after the show). I could guess at the setlists for some of the blank entries that I attended, but won't do so because I can't be certain.

You keep marking songs as 'Live debut' for Charm City Devils. Do you know these are live debuts for fact or are you guessing from previous setlists?

"When were the live debuts of True Love (Hell Yeah), Someone, and Burn Baby Burn by Charm City Devils?"

I'm not entirely sure actually. I know they did True Love and Burn Baby Burn at Jaxx on 12/27/08, and I *think* they did Someone that night too but can't be 100% certain. Burn Baby Burn was their original lead song when they became CCD (having originally shopped for a deal under the name Forty Acres), so I'm positive that they would have played that at whatever their first show was. I'm checking with John Allen to try and find out if the Recher (12/14/08) was their actual first show as CCD or if he can give me any details on shows they might have done before that Recher show.

I think that link has the only confirmed songs that were played. At least that I have seen.

One of the few real ones from that year. I will return to Bon Jovi troll patrol later so you may be getting a lot of notifications if you get alerts for your edited setlists.


Hey man you have change the setlist of Bon Jovi in Padua Italy 1995. The played the different version of Living on a prayer name by the band itself Prayer 94. In the same way it's written in the personal setlist of Hugh McD who is in my hands.

Hey there, this is my last attempt to get an answer from you before deleting "Zubax Band". Please provide sources that the band exists and performs real shows in real venues in front of a public audience. Please note that basement shows are not allowed on setlist.fm. Please reply within the next couple of days.

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