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And maybe you can tell me, if the bands related to Grateful Dead did play the Bo Carter song or the Grateful Dead one. I won't change by guessing, I can't tell if they played both for example. So if you are sure about one, please leave a comment on my profile. Thx.

Hi, I saw your comment on one of Grateful Dead's setlist:

*NOTE: This song "Corrina" is a Grateful Dead original,
first played on Feb. 23 1992 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. Written by Robert Hunter, Mickey Hart and Bob Weir. This IS NOT the traditional folk blues song Corrine Corrina first recorded by Bo Carter-1928 or Corrina Corrina the country blues song recorded by Taj Mahal. The Dead song Corrina, sung by Bobby, was one of a handful of NEW songs that received frequent rotation at shows from early 1992 until Jerry's death in 1995 and probably would have been featured on their next studio album. Bob Weir did record a studio version with his band Ratdog on their album Evening Moods and is still performed by Weir in his various post-Dead bands. Those that were on tour in the 1990's may remember the "Velveeta" shirts; "Cheese it up Bobby" that were popular among many Bobby teaser's to spoof the songs catchy pop style, with the refrain "shake it up, shake it up" (cheese it up). All in fun of course, as the song actually led into some of the most inspired 2nd set/pre-drums jams of the era!!!

Thank you for reporting. I must have followed a link with a wrong information then. As I don't see comments on my edits when doing batch edits, please just write a comment on my profile next time, I get a notification then and so I am able to correct wrong datas.

Thank you anyway.