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There's an arrow pointing down, click on date and month.
Put a source in the comment section to proof your edit.
Think the dates have been changed by someone else.

To change the date click do as underneath, except change the date and change it with proof to some website

I'll explain how to do it, so you can do it in future without any problem
Open the setlist
then click on Edit Venue and date
First empty the venue and city and start typing Rotonda Dia to see if there's already any venues listed.
When it doesn't exist click on 'Venue Missing'
If it doesn't exist fill open the existing venue in another tab window, all venues in Naples appear
Click on add a new venue continue
Click continue
If a similar name exist in the neighbourhood you get a message
We found some existing cities in the neighbourhood, please check if you don't mean any of them -
Then click 'None of the above apply, I'm sure 'XXX, Italy' is missing and I'd like to use it.'
Sometimes the program will tell you already an existing venue with a similar name exists in the neighbourhood. Either choose your one or the existing one. If you think the old one is wrong, post it on the board to have it merged.
Click Submit and the venue is created.
Go back to the original setlist and fill in the name of the newly created venue.
Then click Edit tour and/or festival of this setlist
Then click Add to Festival
By default a list of 15 festivals that already exist in the neighbourhood appears (you can choose up to 1000 festivals)
If an existing festivals already took place at that venue, it is listed in the first place.
If the festival is listed amongst the list of 15, 50, 100... and you think it's the same (which may have been at a different venue in the neighbourhood) click it
If it doesn't exist yet click'add a new festival' underneath
Fill in Rotonda Diaz (if it doesn't exist already)
Click continue
Choose the dates from DD/MM/YYY to DD/MM/YYY
click submit
Click save setlist

Please use exact location or venue for Pizza Village festival following the guidelines at

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