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Hi! I saw that you went to the V98 Festival, I would like to know if you have the recording of Robbie Williams (the broadcast of ITV, BBC or audience).

I have lot bootlegs if you want to exchange. Or Im interested to pay

Thank you!

I posted a clip of Promethium at the Snooty Fox from late 2013. I think this is the gig you were at. For some reason the person who posted it said it was at Trash in Bradford, but you can definitely see the Snooty Fox logo behind the band. Any help confirming that this is the gig you were at would be greatly appreciated. Plus the singer addresses the Wakefield crowd several times. Thanks for your help and memories of the gig.

Same for
Which were held both in Sheffield although in different venue. They should be one edition instead of one.
Be more careful when adding a new festival, there's a list of festivals in the neighbourhood.

You created two entries of Here & Now festival on the same day. Even though these are some hundred miles apart, they should have the same entry.
One of these will be deleted and merged into the other.

We don't delete setlists because they have no songs. Hopefully someone will add them in the future. Please do not submit them for deletion

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