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I'm trying to figure out exactly where the Zappa concert in Maine was held. This may have been in Portland as the University of Southern Maine has campuses in Gorham and Portland. The schools changed their names around this time too which makes it even more confusing. The University of Maine is in Orono so it could have been there too. And that is the venue name given on some websites. I figure you are the person to ask.

Hi, I'm looking for tapers who might have recorded the band The Police. Did you record this band ? If so, please contact me :
Tons of recordings available. Thanks a lot in advance. Dr

Unfortunately, I can't change them now as something is broken. But I will do it as soon as it will be fixed.


About Frank Zappa

Can you fix the relation Songs/Albums?
It's completely wrong.

I don't know if I spoke correctly, but I think you understand... (using Google Translator...)



Nice that you're adding Zappa's sets. But can you give the source under setlists?

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