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Actually, nope. Musicbrainz spells and lists the song correctly:

Whatever the glitch is, it's not because the song is not listed correctly.

I will post to the moderators to see about a fix.

All words in song titles should have be in line with the musicbrainz database.
If you click in your entry above it shows that is allocated to the album "Nouvelle vague" a covers album by Nouvelle vague that has "for" rather than "For" in the entry for their cover of this song.
I changed it to "For" because that allocates the song to the album "Drums & Wires". If you leave it as "for" Nouvelle Vague's setlist will treat it as a song of an XTC album and XTC's setlist will show it as a cover off an album by Nouvelle Vague. Only "Making Plans For Nigel" will allocate it to "Drums ans Wires"

PhilippeLandry, there's no excuse for spelling a song title incorrectly. We must strive for accuracy. I will be happy to change those covers but please remember, we do not change things to incorrect form simply to match something else that is incorrect. If you're uncertain which is correct, look it up.

You may be right about the Buzzcocks but if you change back all my edits back to how it was, you must also do these ones:

Hi, I'm collecting lossless live recordings by Ramones and Ramones solo.
If you are interested in trading them, or if you know tapers who have recorded Ramones or Ramones solo, please let me know.
I have many Ramones and Ramones solo recordings and some rare recordings.

This is my e-mail.

Best regards.

Allenz: No offense, but don't you think that if I remembered any more of the songs played at that gig, I would have posted them? One can only include songs that are clearly remembered. For future reference, please be assured if you come across any setlists I have entered here, they are already complete as far as what can be remembered

Hello again! I see that you were at this Blur show in 1995! Just like before, I must ask, do you happen to remember any of the songs that the band played at this gig?

Okay, I understand... Thanks for replying, though! I really appreciate it! :)

No I don't unfortunately. I had to leave the show early after a few songs.

Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in 1985! This setlist is incomplete, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any more of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlist out. Thank you! :)

That;s fantastic, pomes27..... thank you!

Hi there, just to let you know, Westbury Music Fair & Theatre at Westbury (along with all the other names for that venue) have been locked off with open and close dates. Have a look:

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