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Writing "Added new show" or something like that is not a source at all.
It is mandatory that you provide an actual source link when you add and edit a show that you don't or didn't attend.
Any show without a source may be deleted or reverted without a notice.

If you are going to attend or attended the shows,
please don't forget to click "I WAS THERE" or to mention it in the comment section.

"Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example "added a song" is not a valid source."
Could you please read the entire Guidelines carefully as well as "Adding Sources" before making your next edits?

Anyway you have to add a valid and proper source link when you edit in the future.

I am a major collector / fan of Steely Dan and was wondering if you happen to have a recording of the Milwaukee 2007 show? I have a large trade list of 200+ uncirculated SD concert recordings available