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Hi! I saw that you visited Peter Gabriel’s show in Brussels in May 2004. Did you make any audios/photos/videos?

Please take a look at https://www.setlist.fm/stats/mott-the-hoople-73d6eef1.html
If All the Young Dudes performed by Mott the Hoople is considered a David Bowie cover, why would you change this to a David Bowie cover?
Read the guidelines for https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#covered-songs , especially the second sentence Exception 1

If a songwriter writes a song for another artist or group which they were not a part of, and never records their own version of the song, then the song should be credited to the artist who released it first. If the songwriter does finally release their own version of the song, regardless of how many years have gone by, then the song should be credited back to the songwriter.

Also under the comment box it's written to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons."

Everybody can correct the venue for the comments you made on e.g. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/hooverphonic/2011/parc-de-7-heures-spa-belgium-1bd0e1a4.html#sfmss5bd2ff9c
Please link these also to the festival.

Please add sources to your setlists.

Please use exact location or venue for the folestival in Longueville following the guidelines at


Thanks for your reply!

Here my mail address.



I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Steve Hackett in Brussels 2014.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

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