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Greetings! Nice selection of artists you have experienced! We have similar tastes especially Ween and LPD! Many others as well, and quite a few I want to see if still touring.


Hi. Thanks for the compliments. :) I never saw the Dots in Pittsburgh. I can't say for certain but I believe that, starting no later than 15-20 years ago, their setlists were pretty static. They might shake up the encore ever so slightly but that was about it. If you find one for any tour they were on, that's probably what they played elsewhere.

Of course, the Cloud Zero mailing list archives might still be up. If you're willing to dive through there, you might find some setlists. (You'll even find a few posts by Amanda, advertising shows when she was a nobody.) Good luck!

I see that you saw Legendary Pink Dots a lot. Do you happen to have setlists from any of their Pittsburgh shows? Maria Dimension Tour 1991, Nemesis Online Tour, A Perfect Mystery Tour, All the King's Horses Tour, Whispering Wall Tour, Seconds Late for the Brighton Line Tour? The only setlist I have is Pages of Aquarius, but I went to all those Pittsburgh shows, Thanks if you can help.

Thanks for the edits. I remembered a lot of Amanda Palmer songs but not the order.

I was there. Stood in line forever and dodged energy drink cans for most of it. Somebody had the bright idea of handing out energy drink samples to a bunch of angry teens and misanthropes. It didn't take long for all the cans to start getting thrown everywhere. Fun times.

Oh, and "Man That You Fear" was a bit of a rarity. Manson would usually storm off stage or knock himself out before they got to that song. The bummer was that a lot of people in the audience started leaving when they played it. Not enough screaming, I guess.

Hey were you at that Manson show? I'd love to talk about it, help me remember it better. I was fucking 12 at that show, it was crazy awesome man, like it scarred my mind for real