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No - I don't have a ticket or anything that shows location. I just did a search online to try & find out where it was. I'm fine with the edit.

hi, wildflower fest History,

Begun as a springtime community event to celebrate the wild flowers planted throughout the city, Wildflower! grew in 1995 when headliner bands were added.

Growing crowds and subsequent logistical challenges lead the festival to its first move from Breckinridge Park to the Greenway Corporate Office Park at US75 and Campbell Rd. It was there that the fledgling event was able to expand to three days and eventually grew to cover over 30 acres (120,000 m2) featuring multiple stages, arts, music, exhibits, and family activities.

Experiencing more growing pains, the event moved in 2002 to its present location, the Galatyn Park Urban Center.

the greenway location was very close to where event is now, but at the time it was an open field, they even had a ferris wheel and a couple rides 1 year.
but i am curious about ur 'all the ads say' comment. i did not attend in 2000. any chance u have a ticket or ad from that time with location on it.