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Stop with the insults. Mods are already monitoring the Kid Rock setlists, being rude benefits no one.

I don't need to hope for anything. If Kid Rock names the tour of his 2023 shows "Bad Reputation Tour 2023" then that's the Tour name, it doesn't change the name for the 2022 dates. If it's still just "Bad Reputation Tour" the different years can be easily sorted in search. As they are for the numerous bands that have tours that span multiple years. Tour leg names aren't the Tour names.

That was you?! DUDE! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful! It really means a lot, honestly. :) And it's a really good video! The sound quality is excellent, and you got some great footage of the band!

Oh, and have yourself a sub! :P

And thank you for offering to help! I greatly appreciate it! I'll let you know first thing if I need help!

I'll do it tomorrow, first chance I get. It's getting late, where I'm at. I'll find the right sources to back up my edit and write a good explanation for it. Thanks to you and @opaulonobrega both. You've both been a great help with this issue. :)

I agree! If you look at the image of the poster included in that link, it even says "2022 Global Stadium Tour" on it. Considering that the band added 2023 dates, I think the most appropriate option would be to list all the shows under "2022-23 Global Stadium Tour". That way it covers both years and literally anywhere they go around the world since it's a global tour.

No problem! I wouldn't put the year since the other ones didn't had a year too. I think just 'Global Stadium Tour' suits it better. It was 'released' as 2022 tour in that KHOT video cos we were only getting the dates to 2022, but now with a tour that will definitely last more than a year, it shouldn't be named 2022 anymore.

Take care.

Haha "Sir Psycho" would indeed be an excellent song to see them play… And I'm honestly surprised they haven't played "Poster Child" live yet, considering that they released it as a promotional single for UL. Hopefully they play it live soon, and hopefully they play it in Seattle for you! :)

HA! They probably will, given that they're supposed to be releasing a new single this Friday. I'm willing to bet that the new single will become a setlist staple for the rest of the tour, as well as any other single(s) they might release from now to October. That being said, even if they play a new song or two from the new album, I think it makes sense to still mark the 2022 setlists as the "Unlimited Love" tour because the new album won't be released until the tour ends in October. They'll technically still be touring in support of UL, so it makes sense to me…

And that's awesome! I hope you have a great time at the Seattle show! Hopefully they play all of your favorite songs and some new ones, too! :) My time to see them live will come soon, I hope. Any particular songs you want to see them play?

According to, the band's last 2022 concert is October 16th, two days after the new album comes out. Maybe we should just leave the tour tag alone and then mark the 2023 dates as the "Return of the Dream Canteen" tour, assuming that more dates with a different tour name aren't announced?

Hello! So, there's nothing in the guidelines that refers to users using (>) symbols in setlists to indicate transitions, but I have seen it done on other artists' setlists.

I did, however, find something in the guidelines that might help resolve the issue. In the medleys section of the guidelines, it says this: "If the songs were played in full with no break in between then they should not be listed as a medley. They should each receive their own line." I don't know if just one or both of the two RATM songs were played partially or in full, but if one of them was played partially, it should be listed as a medley. If both songs were played in full, then they should be listed separately, either with or without the (>) symbol.

I hope this helps! :)

bq. Roger Waters played piano on his 2017 album "Is This the Life We Really Want?" He also played Keyboards on his "Radio K.O.A.S" album. Stating that he is playing a piano on his own tour is frivolous. @livemusicfan is continually dropping bread crumbs all over Am I also supposed to name every instrument Kid Rock plays on stage during a tour? (He plays half a dozen)

As said try to solve the problem in a civilised way. If you have complaints about him, open a forum explaining the problem.

bq. EVERYONE on is well aware of the antics @livemusicfan consistently pulls. Don't try and make him out as a poor little victim.

I've had arguments with him too, but that doesn't mean I have to insult him.

Do not insult another member, try to solve the problem in a civilised way.

Capitalization fix for one of your edits to should read (Tribute to John Lennon to tribute to John Lennon)
Besides the first letter of a sentence is with a capital letter :)

Hey! Did you potentially film the 1989 Michael Jackson concert or know anyone that did? If not, that's not a problem, but there's no full concert footage on YouTube.

Hi! I saw you went to the EMP Opening in Seattle? I was wondering if you happened to have any recordings or footage from that event or know someone who filmed or recorded it? I know MTV aired a special but they left a lot of songs out. I would love to see/hear the Eminem and Dr. Dre performances in case you know someone who recorded anything?

Thanks! :)

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