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I'm able to make those corrections. I'd be more than happy to take care of it right now for you. :)

Because I don't know in what capacity QOTSA is performing "Miss You" by the Rolling Stones, I'm probably not the best person to ask. But, I did just look at the last few QOTSA setlists and I think it should probably be listed as a tag via a note. Something like @Info[with The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" tag]. Calling it a tag is pretty safe since some people might not consider what's being performed an interlude, while others might take exception to calling it a tease or a snippet. I don't know, people on here can be picky with wording. I'm assuming that you know what capacity "Miss You" is being performed, so I leave it up to you. Whatever you think is the most appropriate. If the entire song isn't being performed, then it should just be listed as a note. Hopefully this helps!

If you have a picture of the setlist or the physical paper setlist before the show starts or ends. You can type it into the comments, or upload to flickr or anywhere online and post a link as a comment. After the show ends it can used to fill in anything missing, Info note "Setlist included xyz and wasn't performed", etc.

Don't fill in the songs before they are played. Too many bands make changes from what they planned and what is actually performed.

It's not about spoilers, no issue commenting with what the Artist is planning. But it's too easy for users to see it filled in at the start and not pay close attention and then any live setlist changes aren't noted correctly.

If no other user-editors attended the show, including you (if you were messaged a picture of the printed setlist by an attendee) then you can fill in the setlist here after the show with the comment "per the printed setlist" and a link to a picture of the printed setlist.

thanks for asking.

Hello! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to remove an incorrect festival from a setlist. I myself don't have the power/ability to do that. I would contact a Moderator and ask them how to remove it. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful… Hopefully the issue will get resolved soon!

We had to wait a few minutes before the encore and the band intros took several minutes. I don’t think I left out any songs though. I was careful about noting the start/end times too. I guess guess 105 minutes does seem kind of long for 14 songs.

I have the set list for Seal. I’ll put it up later tonight unless someone else does it first.

Well, that explains why the site was so buggy yesterday… I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help!

You're not able to add any new setlists? I would talk to a Moderator about that.

In that case, something like 'including picture tribute to Andrew Fletcher' might be good. 'Dedication' (to me at least) implies something verbal.

As you probably realize, my main motive in reverting that particular edit was just that user's habits of editing setlists without sources.

Of course! Happy to help! :)

Type in "Chicago UCA" when adding the venue and it should pop up. I had the same problem when adding a Muse setlist back in February. I honestly don't know why the venue doesn't pop up when you type in "United Center, Chicago". Very weird…

Haha it's all good! I've been there, done that. No need to worry! :)

Doors were at 6:30, Kelly Lee Owens on at 7:45 and Depeche Mode on at 8:45. I believe doors at San Jose are 15 minutes early, so everything might be pushed ahead 15 minutes

Seems from comments, he likes to do that during J & D, pretty common. Fits with his curmudgeon persona. Great show.

Mellencamp stopped after the first verse of J & D here in SF

Wasn't sure how to get a direct message to you so I hope this works. In reference to your question about the movie being shown during John Mellencamps 2023 concert tour, it ran from 8:00pm to almost 8:30 pm. I just assumed the show would start at 8pm but I was wrong. It's not going over to well at any of the venues he's played so far from what I've read but "oh well", gave us time to hit the bar and grab some cold IPA's. Enjoy Wednesday night's show, it's really good.

There are numerous setlists on this site of artists performing one song at a wedding reception, funeral, private event with an audience, etc. They are valid setlists (as long as properly soured).

I have no problem with Exodus. I love them very much, One of my favorite thrash bands of all time.

“I figured you were probably cancel culture woke. Thanks for proving me right. Do as you please…”

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