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To tell about my self, I'll tell you my favorite bands. My favorite band is The Rolling Stones, 2nd favorite is Duran Duran, 3rd favorite is Kiss, and 4th favorite is Green Day, and I have many more. I have been to 5 concerts, I have seen the The Rolling Stones in 09-29-06, Rascal Flatts in 09-21-07, Elton John & Billy Joel in 05-16-09, Green Day in 07-31-09, and Kiss in 10-28-09

I'm sorry D-Finlestein I just want to add setlists I know and make this website have more setlists

I am not a man I am almost a teen ager. I'm also a very polite person so just for safety no matter if you email me to meet you at some place I won't show up there because I don't want you to kidnap me like strangers do

I didn't go to all the shows I posted on this website. I only put most of the setlists on this website was to share to the world about bands and thier songs

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