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My wife wanted to get out of the sun because she wasn't feeling well.Only place for her to be out of the way was next to the soundboard.

If you don't list the Medleys like they should be, and have been listed for a long time, we might take action. You've been told already twice and still update like you like to behave.
We as mods don't have the time to continue changing when someone deliberately is acting against the guidelines.

Hi! Regarding the 1991 Santana show, please ask Fabio about it in his page. I am sure that he had a source for it but I don't know what is was.


I noticed you made some comments on Santana setlist. It's very probable nobody notices this unless they're subscribed to that particular setlist. You have your doubts about some of them and are asking why the mods in general added the songs. If you notice well it's Fabio who added the songs on those setlists, I just corrected the writing of some of them and deleted the cover tag since it's a medley.
So you may post something on the profile page of Fabio.
I notice above you also are responding or writing to someone else on your own profile page, so nobody surely will notice this message.

Why would you delete the songs that I put in from my recording. They were spot-on until "HollyAnn", when I had to switch tapes. Go back through the edits and plug them back in. I'm on to other things