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Haha don't worry! That happens! Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed the festival :D

Hey good night! How are you? Could you please add the time the Duran Duran show at Bourbon & Beyond ended, please? I think it was between 9:15 and 9:20, but I'm not sure

Thanks :)

Hey, partner. If you happen to have a recording of the Atlanta Fall Out Boy show, my wife was there, it was the show of her life and she would love to have a copy. Thanks! Feel free to email me at Croweyes1121@aol.com.

Hey, don’t worry! I'm sorry for the changes. To be honest, it threw me off that both tours look so much alike, but what you told me makes perfect sense. Thanks for the correction!

Hello! No, absolutely not! The guidelines say five years and the Moderators are pretty strict about that kind of thing. Even if it's just a few months or even days off, it doesn't count as a full five years. You're definitely in the right in that situation. I appreciate you taking the time to ask someone for clarification instead of potentially (and inadvertently) starting an editing war! I wish more users in here did that… I'll resolve the issue now and remove those tags. Thanks again for asking and have a nice evening! :)

Use capitals for the songs as that is what is presently used.

I would copy and paste something like:

I’ve seen the show twice this year, and have looked up three or so YouTube videos (all of which are the same as what I saw). A Moderator agreed with me and you can contact him (bendobrin) about it. These "medley/segued songs" are always tough calls.

Unfortunately we can’t bulk edit a medley into two separate songs. It will have to be done manually and I think it shoul be. I also think the songs should definitely not be capitalized and listed separately they can then be assigned to be Brightside album

Absolutely, it really helped me fall in love with shows because nearly every single tour stops here! And hey, from what I hear in interviews and posts from artists, y’all are incredible crowds in Atlanta so I’m sure that helps them stop there more. Hoping to check something out there in the area at some point.

That’s awesome, I will be there both nights and I’m super excited because I have floor for the Sat show…however unfortunately because of that I have to miss Oceans Calling because it’s the same weekend :/ That lineup is just unreal

I see Innings Fest. on your list, I don’t think I’ve mentally left that weekend since lol, one of the best mixes of bands for my music taste!
Just scrolled further and saw Riptide in 2019 which was my other favorite lineup I’ve seen. The Killers & The 1975 was a dream come true for me
Keep it up with your killer shows!

HI, you are correct.
Two full songs that segue into each other without break is indicated with (>)
You can always look at the setlist.fm guidelines, which are quite useful.
This website is prescriptive, so people are nitpicky with citation.

Best, Dr. AL

Hey! Regarding your comment about Sydney Sprague’s setlist and those unreleased song titles- those titles are taken directly from her actual set list- she posted the setlist on her Instagram story and those were the unreleased track names on them.

I updated all the Jimmy Eat World 2022 shows and we can keep it that way going forward. Futures w/ Futures Intro.

So the Futures Intro starts with the sampled intro, but then it has live bass on it by Rick and then Jim sings on it. Then the band builds into the end of the "intro" with the drums and guitar (full band) before the Futures riff starts. https://youtu.be/v_bH2DDlzF4 So it isn't a sampled tape intro but I think the solution is either 1) We list it as Futures Intro on the set, but it isn't an actual SONG so I can see why we shouldn't do that, or 2) We just put "Futures" and add an info tag of "with Intro" or "with Show Intro" or "with Futures Intro", whatever we want to call it. We'll have to go and change all of the ones from 2022 and probably add the tag for 2021 shows too, but I think option 2 is likely the best bet. What do you think?

Was just checking your shows out. We saw several of the same Muse shows together. Ironically you saw the ATL and Amsterdam 2019 shows... I flew from Amsterdam the day before the ATL 2019 show back home to catch that Muse show at State Farm haha. And also some Shaky Knees and Music Midtown sets. Cool stuff. Have fun at the Caverns.

Hey. Yeah let’s discuss this. Setlistfm is so bad for discussions lol hit me on Twitter at @mark_1238 if you can. So they do perform the Intro in some capacity so it isn’t a complete tape. But listing it as a note is ok too. The band lists it as its own thing on the setlists so I was just keeping with what was on setlistfm, but of course I’m open to changing it. Let’s discuss for sure.


At the bottom of any setlist.fm page there is a link to "Guidelines". On the Guidelines page, there is also a link to the "Forum". I think the discussion of "reprises" is covered on the Forum. The way the Imagine Dragons setlist was before I changed it, would count the song being played twice...where, in reality they played it once but then reprised it at the end of the show. Adding (reprise) to a song title means setlist.fm won't count it twice. I'm going to see Imagine Dragons tonight!

Thank you. These semi-trolls make things difficult and sometimes things slip through the cracks and something gets lost and I appreciate your help.

Thanks for catching that. They willl need to be recreated. I think that you probably do a better job of restoring them but If I can help let me know. Unfortunately once they're deleted they are gone. That shouldn't happen but it did.

No problem! I'm very happy to have helped! :) I hope the show was good!

I am just now seeing your comment, but yes, you are correct! It was nice talking to you both, and it was a good show!

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