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What is your source for changing the date of Crosby Stills & Nash concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium from March 31, 1990 to April 1, 1990? (I was there, I taped the show, and I still have my ticket stub. The show I went to was not on April 1, 1990.)

If there *was* another show on April 1, you should add it, rather than change the date of an existing show.

Did you even bother to read my comments about the Music Inn before assuming the link you provided actually knew the local geography of the area when you decided to change this setlist?

The main reason I was pressing you about this show is that it is a "lost" show that has never been documented. There has been speculation about the location but no concrete evidence has ever turned up. Documentation would be important even if it was cancelled.

No, I am "hassling" you over The Kinks setlist that I linked below. I would like to know where you got your information about that show.

Telling me that "Most" of my concert info comes from somewhere is meaningless. I want to know what The Kinks setlist was. This is the proper way to source a setlist from Facebook .
I dont necessarily expect you to make that much effort but you need to post more than nothing or the generic comment you made on The Kinks show.

What is your source for this setlist. Start posting sources or I will be reverting your edits as they are for major artists with fairly accurate concert histories. It isn't that hard to provide a link or at least say where you got your information.

You need to start posting sources on your shows. Just telling me that you are "legit" isnot enough. We are considering deleting your edits if you don't.

I know that but it helps us if you post some comment on the setlists you create and not on our profile pages. Sometimes when we have knowledge about a specific tour it helps us if we can find individual shows that have information accessible on the internet that might have data on other shows on the tour that may have been canceled.

I'm sorry but you need to post sources on the setlists or respond on my page and not here. There's nothing wrong with Songkick as a source but it is not reliable for setlists on these particular tours. I may delete these shows but I don't want you to think this is anything personal, it's just my skepticism about this source on these particular tours.

Do you have a source for the Renaissance setlists you just added? Many shows on that tour were canceled or reschuled because Annie Haslam wasn't feeling well.