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The Hüsker Dü setlist you provided for the 07 Jul 1979 show at the Longhorn in Minneapolis ( is based on a cassette recording that's been in circulation for decades, but the exact date in 1979 was unknown. Could you by any chance provide your source for identifying 7 July as the specific date? If confirmed, it would fill an important hole in the early Hüsker gigography.

Hi, thanks for posting Iceage show on 7 April 2018 in Tokyo.
In case if you don’t find appropriate venue on, please create a new venue with the info you have or select “Unknown Venue, Tokyo” or ”Unknown Venue, Unknown City, Japan”, rather than assigning something similar venue on Thank you. :)

I recently got access to back issues of the Newport Daily News and found out that all the shows at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival were held at Festival Field and not Freebody Park as and most other websites list. So I am changing them. I noticed that you were the one who took the time to enter them and just wanted to let you know that I had verified the information and wasn't changing them for no reason without a reliable source...Cheers,