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Hey, I believe Michi did an edit/figured out how to change the info notes when doing a batch edit of a song. Maybe bring the question to the Roadie Forum?

That's fine on the edit to the Fishbone set list, probably fits what happened better. I don't get too wrapped around it, usually just take whatever the site auto-fills as I'm making the entry and if it fits with other entries from recent shows. I'm just trying to capture the gist of what happened, especially if nobody else is making an entry. Thanks.

Saw your comment on my feed about my August 15 Fishbone setlist,
I couldn't tell you if Alcoholic was a full version or just shortened for a medley. It seemed like a pretty full song with just a few bars of Iron Man in the middle, but I'm not familiar enough with the song to tell. They were opening for Parliament-Funkadelic that night and I'd never heard of Fishbone before. I did some quick research and listened to some of their music before the show to help me track the set list. I need to dig into them some more, they were great.

Hey! Messaging regarding this set: . As you can see I've added the links to the songs, no assumptions here, check the videos then come back to this, there are videos of 21 different tunes/medleys on there

Okay, I'll see if I can talk to him. I think he knows about this user. Anyway, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience :)

Okay, I don't know which moderator banned his other accounts. I think that to talk like that out of the blue I would have to tell the whole story and as it's been a while and there are a lot of details, I wouldn't even remember everything to tell from the beginning, that's why I immediately looked for you, because I remember that my reports about him were here first. And yes, I understand that you do what you can (and I respect that), but the concern is evident from this user's history of bad behavior, which always reappears as if nothing had happened. Let's see what he will come up with this time. Anyway, I've already expressed my concerns. Do you think if I talk to kfinch it would help? I'm also not sure if he was the one who banned the other accounts, but I think the most I'll hear is that "this currently account didn't do anything wrong"

Thank you so much, it really helped!

Hey, how are you? Thanks for remembering this! Coincidentally, yesterday I needed to edit one of these and the option reappeared and everything is back to normal and I didn't even change anything. But if the same error as before happens again, I'll try to do that. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :)

Oh hey, I just forgot to comment on the dedication in the Depeche Mode song. Do you really think it would be better to change the notes of all the setlists? Would it be justifiable within the site's guidelines? I thought about making the edits, but I don't want anyone to think it's selfish of me (Like that other user I reported here did)

Hey, thank you very much for helping me in one more situation here on the site, I really appreciate it :) On another opportunity that I have to use the autocorrection I'll try to edit it on the computer to see if the uncheck option appears, because it always appeared and now it's gone. Thanks a lot for your help once again :)

If I send the musicbrainz link proving that the song in the medley is not of the artist in the setlist, would that be useful as a source? Because according to the site's guidelines, it would be enough to cancel the cover in the medley, since all the songs in the medley are not by the same artist. Anyway, here's the link:

This is strange, I just tried again and the box to uncheck the autocorrect still doesn't appear, and before it did, I myself have used this option in several other cases

Hello how are you? Could you help me, please? I'm trying to edit this setlist and remove the cover artist on "Love Like This / Chic Cheer" as they're not by the same artist, but the site has an autocorrect bug that's preventing me from editing and the "undo" option isn't showing up, and I've seen some reports that this is happening, could you try editing to see if it works?

I see, I only put a note about "Happy Birthday to You" in today's Depeche Mode setlist, but i wasn't sure, but someone else put the song and I think it turned out better


Does this work on mobile? All I see on my phone is “save changes” and that’s it. Do I need to do it on my computer?

Hello, I know I've been sending a lot of messages lately, but I'll try to stop lol but I have one more question: If at some point in a concert "happy birthday to you" is sung to someone in the band, would the song literally have to be included in the setlist? Or just a note at the end of the previous song?

Okay, I used that now to edit there the notes. Thank you very much!

Hello how are you? I would like to know if, in order to be able to edit these notes that have the duplicate parentheses (( - )) in the setlist below, would I need to write some kind of source?

I found a paragraph in the guidelines that talks about editing shortcuts to add an annotation, I just don't know if it would work for this case, even though it's a simple adjustment

I really don't know how far he's going, he shows up after 10 hours on my profile and starts saying I'm annoying and a bunch of other stuff... I don't know how far that goes, But I just wanted this unpleasant situation to be over soon.

Ooh Okay, fine, I got it. Thank you for the explanation :)