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Thanks, It was Axlblows. Gone nw, but won't be missed.

Yes. You are correct. There were two shows that night: an early and a late show. I don't know why I keyed it as two sets. I will need to correct it. Thank you for asking.

(In response to...

"Thanks for the reply. I was talking about the show below. " )

You asked the following question. "Hi there. Was that David Lindley & El Rayo-X setlist two separate shows on one day? Like an afternoon and evening performance? If so, it should be separated into two shows. Just wondering because they obviously played many of the same songs twice."
About which show are you king? I've posted set lists for multiple El Rayo X shows.
Thanks, Bob

Hi there! I saw you left a comment. As you can see, there is a gap in the setlist between Big Cheese and Blew. Nirvana used that same setlist from shows between late 1988 and early 1989. The gap I am referring to is in the setlist. There is also a list of other songs at the bottom of that setlist. If you listen to other shows around this period, in between Big Cheese and Blew there are multiple other songs that appear on the list that is at the bottom of the setlist. The show they played most likely has one or two other songs, which is why it should be listed as possibly incomplete, as on the LiveNirvana website page. If you didn't know, the people who run that page and the thousands of people who use the forum are mostly people who have been listening and studying to Nirvana for 20+ years. Some people on that staff have worked on official Nirvana releases. That is my source, and it should be marked incomplete. Thank you!

Yeah, good point. I guess that first Ozo album was more of a Cut Chemist/Chali/Ozo collab, but I guess not "technically" per's guidelines. I still think it's valid to be a Ozo feat. Chali tune, but I don't have too strong of an opinion about it.

FYI- When it was initially released, it was credited as Ozomatli featuring Chali 2na. I’m not reverting all of those changes, but I think they should stay what they were prior to your changes. It’s about what it was credited as when it was initially released. It doesn’t matter if they’re still playing it now without him.

Thanks for checking out the Kurt Vile & the Violators setlist.
Not surprised it was instantly reverted so I pulled a Mod in.

Hi. If you can also report the Artist on MusicBrainz that would probably help - then it's not just a flag for spam coming from one person (me). I reported the fake release, if you can report the Artist, please do! thanks

Posies have been breaking up several times. :)
Normally Ken will perform again at my place next May

No. I went to UW and lived there off and on for a while. I will check out your FB page when I get a chance.

I just noticed that you and I were almost at some concerts together, like Bumbershoot in 1990. I think the day you were there was the only day I wasn't

All your comments are spot on but we prefer not to feed the trolls. They love attention so we would rather starve them them than feed them.


It's better to use the fake setlist button, because it may be possible nobody sees your message (unless they are subscribed to that particular setlist)
In the meantime I will delete the setlist based upon your link.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the link for the Tad concert, but I had asked jimtunacar to provide more valid links :) Hopefully in future he'll do more his best.

Hah, yeah, if not Tad then it was the Fellows. I ran one of the Cellophane Squares back in the day and was friendly with most of the band, especially Scott. They’re still around and still worth seeing if you get the chance :-)

Hi there! You asked who opened for the Meat Pupppets in 1988 at the HUB ballroom? I think it was Tad :-)

Hi! Please don't change the capitalization of Spanish titled songs. They are capitalized differently than those in English. Thanks!

I do understand you are on a mission to do entire DYLAN PETTY show as one combined set. But, please do not delete the HEARTBREAKERS sets as their own show. It was similar to an opening slot split over the course of the night...8 songs surely deserved that!!

please put the reason in the comment section why you changed the date.